U.S. Taxation Abroad

taxWe at Hamilton|Hudson Ltd. strongly believe that:

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Therefore, we have an obligation to inform You – Our Valued Client – of this important
information before applying for Life Insurance with our firm.
We are insurance advisers, not licensed tax accountants and request you speak with your
tax accountant or IRS Listed adviser before taking action on the information provided below.

The information provided on this page is of a general nature and each client has unique
financial circumstances and objectives. Your experienced tax adviser is best equipped
to advise you on these important matters.

Please ensure that your accountant or tax adviser is IRS Listed. We stand ready to assist your tax adviser and provide them with any assistance or documentation that they may require -with your authorization.

If you can not locate an accredited tax adviser who specializes in the unique needs of: U.S. Citizens residing abroad or Foreign Nationals conducting business or investing in the U.S. with experience in all related matters, please feel free to contact our independent IRS Listed, CPA partner:  Click Here  for a no obligation consultation