Critical Illness Income Protection (CIIP™)



As a valuable Rider to your ex-pat Life Insurance Policy, our Critical Illness Income Protection Plan is not intended for the critically ill, but for the benefit and financial security of living partners and/or family members. Compared to other forms of Disability Insurance, our Critical Illness Income Protection Plan, while still offering comprehensive coverage and benefits, is a lower-cost solution to traditional plans.
Life Insurance for ex-pats is an important safeguard for the loss of family income incurred in the event of death. However, a serious illness or accident can also result in a total loss of income without this protection. NO benefits are payable if the insured individual’s condition does not result in death.
Statistics show that you are more than 4-to-5 times more likely to survive a critical illness or injury without death. However, if you do survive but can no longer work, who will cover your family’s living expenses and your retirement, not to mention Your cost of living and expensive medical, nursing and rehabilitation care. In death, your family does not need to provide for your needs, but if a critical illness or a serious accident occurs that does not result in death but in permanent disability, your family will need additional funds to care for you.
As with other forms of insurance, Critical Illness Insurance is something insureds hope they never have to use; but having coverage provides peace of mind and a greater sense of security.
According to a survey published by the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI), there were more than 3.5 million people covered by Critical Illness Policies from U.S. insurers in 2017.
Most people understand that traditional Life Insurance helps offset the loss of income due to death. However, what they may not know is that Life Insurance DOES NOT cover any loss of income as a result of a serious illness or injury that does not result in death.
Fortunately, there is an insurance product designed to address this potential loss of income, medical, and non-medical costs. This new Insurance Policy Rider is Critical Illness Income Protection.

What Is Critical Illness Income Protection?

A relatively new product, Critical Illness Income Protection helps fill the gaps between Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and having to tap into savings or retirement funds in the event of a serious illness or injury. Critical Illness Income Protection pays the insured a lump-sum cash amount for a qualifying serious illness, condition, or injury. The money can be used however the insured chooses.


Critical Illness (Income) Protection was first pioneered by Dr. Marius Barnard, brother of Dr. Christiaan Barnard who, in 1967, performed the first successful heart transplant on a human and as a renowned heart surgeon in his own right, recognized the critical need for individual’s financial protection when they were seriously ill. Many of those individuals and their families were financially devastated by direct medical expenses as well as by indirect costs resulting from their illnesses.

In 1983, Dr. Barnard teamed with a South African insurance company to design and develop a product that would pay out in the event there was a diagnosis of the most common life-threatening illnesses. The insurance solution quickly spread to countries across the globe, enjoying a great deal of success in Australia, Great Britain, Canada,
Japan, and China. The Critical Illness Policy was not offered in the United States until the 1990s, and initially, was not widely embraced. Gratefully, things are changing.

Overview of Critical Illness Coverage and Benefits

Critical Illness Insurance Policies are fairly simple and straightforward. The basic Policy Model provides for the payment of a pre-determined cash amount to the insured in the event he or she suffers from a critical illness as specified in, and covered by, the Policy. The benefit is paid as a lump-sum amount, which is received tax-free by the insured. The cash benefit payment amount can range from $500,000 to $5,000,000 depending on the amount of coverage you purchase and the amount the insurer is willing to underwrite.

A debilitating critical illness or injury can seriously affect the quality of life – not only that of the afflicted individual but of his or her family as well. The emotional and physical toll caused by the illness can be compounded by extreme financial distress. While some might believe that they will not face such a risk (though the risks are
significant), virtually everyone knows someone: a relative, friend, neighbor, colleague who has survived a heart attack, stroke, cancer, or some other serious condition or injury.

While Critical Illness Income Protection is a very valuable product to supplement existing foreigners Life Insurance, it does have its limitations and exclusions. This protection ONLY covers the conditions and illnesses specifically named in the policy. The policy will not pay benefits for any condition or illness not named, regardless of how critical or life-threatening it may be. The policy will stipulate a definition of each covered condition. If an illness or condition is not defined in the policy, it is not covered.

The ways in which Critical Illness Income Protection complements Life Insurance are obvious: Life Insurance for expats provides for survivors in the event of a breadwinner’s death, while Critical Illness Income Protection also protects survivors in the event the insured are incapacitated in the event of serious illness, condition, or injury.

Serious health and medical conditions which, a generation ago, would have likely resulted in death and in a claim against a life insurance policy are today more likely to result in the individual surviving and consequently having a living need for financial support. This is how Critical Illness Protection can complement your Life Insurance abroad.

People who need Life Insurance may save by considering a policy that includes this valuable protection. The benefit paid by Critical Illness Income Protection could cover the insured’s Life Insurance for expats costs force during a medical crises. Premiums for an expat Life Insurance Policy with a Critical Illness Rider would be less costly than the combined premiums for an ex-pat Life Insurance policy and a separate Critical Illness Insurance Policy.



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